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Our Supply Chain

As premier suppliers of milled maize products to the food industry, consistency of raw materials is vital to our operation.

We have developed a close working relationship over a number of years with our supply cooperative in France and been rewarded with quality maize which meets our stringent criteria in terms of physical quality.

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This working relationship has proved to be vital in enabling us to meet the demands of the food industry on the subject of supplying non genetically engineered crops.

By the autumn of 1996 we were looking closely at the development of interest in genetically modified maize as the seed supplier, Novartis, applied for permission to grow these crops in the European Union. We were therefore facing the potential of a non-GMO maize supply ahead of our customer demand which has ultimately given us an in-depth knowledge of the topic.

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Throughout 1997 we were working with our supply cooperative to ensure that the seed they produced for planting in 1998 was of traditional, non-GMO varieties and in doing so we developed a traceability scheme in conjunction with the cooperative to enable us to supply non-GMO maize for the 1998 / 1999 season and subsequent years.

We continued to develop this scheme to give it full Identity Preserved status for both on an ongoing basis.

Our vision in recognising the potential rejection of genetically modified food was confirmed early in 1999 when the media, together with the major retailers, mounted a campaign against this new technology.

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As previously explained we were already in a position to be able to offer maize products from non-GMO maize, the supply of which is substantiated by an Identity Preserved Scheme which together with complete control of the non-GMO status through the supply chain to our mill in Hull ensures that we are able to offer our maize products as PCR negative below 0.1%.

We continue to review the developments of this emotive subject, genetically modified food, and shall endeavour to meet the demands of our customers for as long as deemed necessary.