Welcome to Maizecor

Welcome to Maizecor

Maizecor Foods Ltd leads the field as a manufacturing company involved in the dry milling of French yellow maize into its component parts, since it is the only such stand alone operation of its kind in the UK.

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In 1976 a Buhler Maize Mill was installed, primarily for producing maize ingredients for the snack food, breakfast cereal and brewing markets. The business is now privately owned and is a highly automated and streamlined run operation with service and consistency being our goal to current and potential customers.

Accreditation Status

We hold Level One BRC accreditation and Femas accreditation for our operation and we also have outside accreditation for our Non Gmo status. We also have a Kosher Certificate that for our packed product is clearly printed on the outside of all our bags.


The company operates from a single site adjacent to the River Hull where cereal processing has taken place since the beginning of the 20th century. The mill is now dedicated to the production of a range of maize products for supply to a wide spectrum of the food industry.

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1993 and 1994 witnessed considerable capital investment in the infrastructure of Maizecor Foods Ltd. Major improvements to the fabric of the building and to the milling operation have enhanced and significantly increased the capability of the company to meet the demands of the Food Industry.

Quality Assured

The company prides itself on the delivery of top quality products and efficient service to the food industry, with particular emphasis on its policy regarding the supply of non-GMO French Maize products, sourced through its Identity Preserved Scheme.